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Zemits Demeter 2.0

Lymphatic Drainage Machine

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Our Pressotherapy device, the Zemits Demeter 2.0, is a professional machine for performing lymphatic drainage treatments with 44 chambers.

The system includes a durable fabric suit, a robust metal machine, and 5 programs for effective treatment of all areas on the body, including legs, abdomen, buttocks, and arms.The sleek and stylish design of the Zemits Demeter 2.0 will complement any body wellness spa or clinic.

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Why should you choose the Zemits Demeter 2.0?

  • improves lymphatic flow, blood circulation and the condition of the vascular circulatory system.
  • You are able to combine the pressotherapy treatment with other techniques such as: phonophoresis, wrapping, microcurrent therapy, cavitation and lipolysis.
  • 5 operation modes that allow you to select the suitable pressure level for your individual clients.
  • 44 chambers for maximum comfort and effect for the whole body.
  • Sectioned suit made from a strong fabric with separate zones.
  • Our pressotherapy device is effortless and easy to operate.
  • Easy to combine with other protocols like a wrap or facial treatments, mask or LED.

How Zemits Demeter 2.0 works:

The body sculpting lymphatic drainage machine is based on the technology of compressed air pressure, which enters the suit through 44 chambers. This technique of mechanical compression acts on the stagnation of the lymph in a rhythmic motion similar to a lymph drainage massage reducing the intracellular fluid. This is why pressotherapy devices for lymphatic drainage are used to solve a wide range of problems such as rehabilitation after surgery, reducing swelling, preventing varicose veins, removing toxins, relieves aches and pains and slims the look of the arms and legs. This device and treatment is a staple for the beauty and health businesses that will attract many different clients. A typical session will last for 30 to 45 minutes.

The 44 chamber exposure allows you to target each zone more effectively, thus giving you more advantage offering individual precise treatments over standard devices.

What is pressotherapy massage?

A pressotherapy massage for lymphatic drainage not only tones and firms the skin but also reduces swelling. This active massage improves blood circulation and accelerates intracellular metabolism. After each session, your clients will feel more relaxed, renewed strength and lightness. Pressotherapy devices strengthen the body's protective barriers, accelerate metabolic processes, improve resistance to diseases and viruses, and strengthen the nervous system.

Zemits Demeter 2.0 lymphatic drainage system effectively fights against:

  • Edema
  • Cellulite of different stages
  • Heaviness in the legs
  • Overweight and unwanted body fat
  • Poor skin conditions

Zemits Demeter 2.0 pressotherapy machine suit parameters:

  • Forearms: 40 cm.
  • Upper Arms: 55 cm.
  • Ankles: 55 cm.
  • Hips: 85 cm.
  • Waist: 130 cm.
  • Supports weight up to 200 kilograms.
The adjustable suit is suitable for plus size clients as it is made with high-strength material. The suit is resistant to moisture, so you can wrap it tight during the procedure.

Zemits Demeter 2.0 assists with:

  • Improving blood flow and prevention of varicose veins.
  • Reduction and removal of puffiness.
  • Express weight loss program.
  • Accelerated physiological lymphatic drainage.
  • Treating specific zones (arms, legs).

Watch the review on Zemits Demeter 2.0

Results after One Demeter Treatment
Individual treatment results may vary depending on the unique physiological characteristics of the patient and the number of procedures in the course of treatment.
We appreciate your feedback!


10 June 2022



It has good fastening and is suitable for both complex and zonal treatment. There are many channels for different areas of the body, it quickly smoothes out cellulite. There is an express program for weight loss.


29 May 2022



Demeter 2.0 has a great cooling system and quickly prepares for the next client after the previous one. This is a significant benefit for active attendance at my massage room. It combines with other treatments; you can do wraps and masks simultaneously and earn more. Also, I like the 44-channel system.


24 May 2022



Best money spent in 2021. It has 44 powerful independent channels, a compact control unit, and an easy-to-use interface. The cellulite disappears quickly, and if you follow the rules of diet and exercise, without consequences.


19 April 2022



44 self-contained channels and a suit that can be used on individual body areas, easy to control in a few taps. Good lymphatic drainage. And you don't have to be near the client all the time while the press therapy is going on.


17 January 2022



Good fastening, suitable for both complex and zonal workouts. Many channels for different areas of the body, quickly smooth out cellulite. There is an express program for weight loss.


24 December 2021



It has become the best purchase of 2021. It has 44 powerful independent channels, a compact control unit, and an easy-to-use interface. The cellulite goes off quickly, and if you follow the rules of diet and exercise, without a trace.

Maghi Karnib

6 October 2021



Quick response and training. Got the machine within 1 week and it is good quality.
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